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Taxi Proxi in Obwalden

A dream come true Taxi Proxi. An application for smartphones and web development offers a direct relationship with a taxi Obwalden and its surroundings, Taxi Proxi is the first network location-Taxis in Obwalden free and without subscription to all those looking for a taxi. With a GPS system, you can view from your smartphone (iPhone / Android / Win Phone) or on the Internet taxis closest available, and call them directly with one touch.

Whether you need an airport taxi, taxi to shopping, a contracted taxi or a cab to the station to catch a train: have reflex Taxi Proxi.

Through Taxi Proxi application, you can see on the map the nearest taxis, see the details of their performance (brand, sedan, station wagon or minivan, conventionné, baby seat , pet, payment methods accepted) and select the one that suits you from taxis Obwalden .

Call him directly on his mobile and book a Taxi. Thus ended the call premium, long telephone expectations standard. The Taxi Proxi application allows you to save on cost by calling approaches the nearest taxi. Book a taxi on Obwalden Has never been easier.

By creating your free user account on Passenger interface or directly in the Passenger application interface, you can add drivers who transported and that you've enjoyed your favorites among taxi drivers Obwalden. And they will appear on the map with a star. So you can build your network of trusted taxi driver in Obwalden.

Come and share with us, share your experience , Taxi Proxi with many users.
And participate in the development of the application: comments, suggestions, notes

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To stay informed of developments and to support the network in your city.

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