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Book a Taxi in Argovie

Book in advance ?
- Taxi Proxi offers a reservation system of taxis in real time. Criteria related to taxi can be specified.
- Taxi Proxi send your request to all the nearest taxis in your city .
- Upon acceptance of a taxi booking request will be confirmed and you will receive a confirmation via SMS, an SMS containing the name of the taxi, the taxi phone number and the date of booking.
How to book a Taxi online ?
Order a taxi in a few clicks in Argovie

Taxi Proxi offers a taxi booking system to prepare your trips in advance.
     - You must first complete the booking form and validate your data
     - Taxi Proxi display your request to all nearest Taxi in your city
     - Upon acceptance of a taxi booking request will be confirmed and you will receive a confirmation via SMS , an SMS containing
       (Name of Taxi, Taxi Telephone, brand vehicle and date and time of booking)
     - To cancel your reservation you must call the driver
     - In your passenger interface you will find all your reservations and their status.

Taxi Reservation
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  taxi booking Rheinfelden SBB   taxi booking Rheinfelden PAuto
  taxi booking Olsberg   taxi booking Kaiseraugst
  taxi booking Kaiseraugst Lieb.   taxi booking Argovie
Immediate booking
Order a taxi by phone
Spéciale réservation
Numéro non surtaxé
Veuillez réserver votre taxi 1h a l'avance
Réservation disponible sur application, site web            et site web mobile
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