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    This Taxi Fare Estimation in Luzern vous est donnée à titre indicatif et a été calculée par rapport aux tarifs préfectoraux du canton deen vigueur pour l'année 2022 and depending on the items you have provided. This estimate target you give an order of magnitude and only there for this purpose. Many parameters are not taken into account by this estimate :

   * Book taxi in Luzern leads outreach costs correspond to taking charge auquelle adds the distance traveled by taxi to reach you.
   * The taxi driver is a professional who can choose a different route to optimize travel time and you avoid traffic jams in Luzern.
   * Based on time, traffic in Luzern is more or less dense which can affect the price of the race.

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Calculate the cost of a taxi ride in Luzern

Taxe de base : CHF 6.-
Km supplémentaires : CHF 3.-
Km hors canton : CHF 3.40.-
Nuits, dimanche, jours fériés, 4 passagers ou plus : CHF 3.40.-
Attente par heure: CHF 45.-
Bagage/animal : CHF 1.-

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